Banca NEO

Banca NEO is a neobank service provider powered by My NEO Group.

Safe & Sound: Unrivaled Fund Security

Experience the power of Safe & Sound, where funds protection meets innovation. We're redefining security with our cutting-edge 3D secure technology and robust 2FA protocols. Your financial safety isn't just a promise - it's our guarantee.

10-Minute Advantage: Instant Account Access

Seamlessly Apply for a Business or Private Account in Just Minutes. Swift, Secure, and Simplified

MasterCard Mastery: Ultimate In-app Control

Manage Your Cards with a Single Tap. Convenience and Control Redefined.

Currency Command: Your Multi-Currency Powerhouse

Effortlessly Manage 38 Currencies with SEPA and Swift. Seamless Global Transactions Now at Your Fingertips

Freedom Unleashed: Your Financial Liberation

Enjoy No Income or Deposit Requirements. Unfettered Access to Your Finances, Absolutely Free