NEO Visa Crypto Card!

Unleash the Power of NEO Visa Crypto Card – Available Now for All NEO Members! Revolutionize Your Financial Experience with Banca NEO Crypto Card!

Revolutionize Your Financial Experience with Banca NEO Crypto Card

Welcome to a world where convenience and innovation converge! With the NEO Visa Crypto Card, users of NEO Dash and NEO X can effortlessly connect their USDT, USDC, BTC, ETH, and NFIX wallets to their Visa cards (virtual or physical). Join us on this exciting journey into the future of finance

Instant vIBAN

Dismiss the frustrations of rejected or delayed crypto transactions. Our Euro vIBAN ensures lightning-fast inbound and outbound payments.

Lightning Network Exchange

Swap crypto for FIAT or the other way round in an instant. No more waiting, get immediate transaction confirmations!

Versatile Connectivity

Link your NEO card to your crypto wallet or vIBAN in a flash, and enjoy financial freedom like never before.

Cashback Bonanza

Amplify your buying capacity with every transaction. Earn up to 40% cashback in NRT!

Multi-Platform Compatibility

NEO's VISA cards seamlessly integrate with Apple Pay and Google Pay for all NEO Dash and NEO X users.

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