NEO Sentiment offers an innovative tool – the Crypto Fear & Greed Index. This index crunches data from various sources, analyzing emotional market behavior to generate a simple measure of fear or greed among crypto investors. This tool aims to safeguard investors from irrational reactions and help them seize potential opportunities

NEO Fix: Revolutionizing Financial Paradigms

NEO FIX aspires to disrupt conventional finance, pioneering digital utilization of fiat currencies. We empower emerging ventures and innovations in the blockchain space with our NFIX tokens, pegged 1-to-1 with USDT and 100% backed by My NEO Group's reserves. Transparency is our commitment; expect monthly updates on our total assets and reserves

You can see the big picture with our interactive Spending and Budgeting tool. Track your habits and set up budgets to take more control over your money.

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